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Sharepoint UI & Front-end Development

In all honesty, my initial reaction to interacting with Sharepoint was... 'What is this, why does it look this way and why bother?'... I've come to realise that this is a huge part of corporate technology infrastructure and operations and is a critical tool. Microsoft Sharepoint is a web application framework that integrates content management, document management, intranet and has a broad range of features.

Like most frameworks and applications, it has a user interface which can be themed and styled to create a desirable look that enhances user experience. I've been lucky enough to have been trained by 2 outstanding Sharepoint masterminds to do exactly that.

Training has allowed me to create and develop clean desirable user interfaces for the Sharepoint platform i'm very proud of. I do prototyping, user interface design, visual design and the front-end development required to implement my designs for private or public facing Sharepoint deployments.